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Chairman: Betsy Terkeltoub

Awards in 2022

Our projects in the Top Ten Projects from 2021 at GFWC-NC Annual Convention

Arts & Culture
To celebrate Youth Arts Month, members of the Wilmington Woman's Club and fifteen second and third grade girls at the Brigade Boys and Girls Club gathered on March 24th for an after-school event called the “Prissy Girls Day.” The girls had the opportunity to decorate two popsicle stick ornaments with a variety of gems, ribbons, and beads. When finished, they could be hung by ribbon or attached to a metal surface with a magnet. They laughed and chatted as they worked on the project. Once completed, their work was judged, and six girls received small trophies. All received goodie bags filled with pencils, pads, and candy. At the end of the day, the girls proudly shared their personal creations.

Civic Engagement & Outreach
The Wilmington Woman’s Club hosted the 5th Annual Tea for Women Military Veterans. Veterans from four of the five branches of the military were recognized as the branch song was played. The twenty-two veterans in attendance enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of the tea in addition to meeting other women veterans from the community. The keynote speaker, Dr. Constance Foreman, mesmerized her audience as she detailed her growth over the years to stay true to herself, her culture, and her ambitions as she pursued a medical career associated with military service. Information on local veterans’ events and resources was also provided.

Signature Program: Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention
Wilmington Woman’s Club members collected toiletries, food, gas cards, and grocery store gift cards. In addition, $235 was donated to a Domestic Violence Shelter (DVS) to be used as needed. In the fall, as Covid-19 cases increased, the needs of the local Shelter continued to increase at a faster pace. Members rose to the occasion and purchased 18 gift cards. Some of their clients were able to continue working despite Covid-19, so the gas and gift cards were appreciated. Sometimes, victims of domestic violence must move from one safe house to another, so members donated 32 suitcases and tote bags to assist them with urgent moves.

Legislation & Public Policy
In March, a member of the Wilmington Woman’s Club who had researched the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and visited the site presented a program about dispelling the myths of this national monument. The speaker based her presentation on member participation to understand the history of the monument and the qualifications to be a monument guard. Each member was given an envelope with a question about the monument or the qualifications to be a guard. Questions were read and the speaker would answer and elaborate or clarify misinformation. By the conclusion of the presentation, the members in attendance appreciated the responsibilities of being a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and were eager for a field trip to Washington, DC, to revisit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Women's History & Resource Center
With the general unrest throughout the country and some distrust of the country’s service personnel, the members of the club decided to honor the firefighters within the city of Wilmington for Federation Day 2021. They honored firefighters at eight fire stations by preparing a variety of home baked goodies. These goodies included coffee cakes, cookies, cookie bars, pies, brownies, chocolate saltine crackers, cakes, and cupcakes. They decided they should be homemade when the firefighters said they were “over” donuts! Members visited each fire station to make the delivery and shared their appreciation for the work they do to protect families, their homes, churches, and businesses. Celebrating the firefighters in honor of Federation Day supports GFWC’s dedication to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.

Our Club's Winners at the 2022 GFWC-NC State Arts Festival

First Place  
Sandy Cyphers    Crafts — Basic Embroidery
Sandy Cyphers    Crafts — Counted Cross Stitch
Vicki Daughtery    Crafts — Paper Craft

Second Place  
Carol Ballard    Crafts — Crochet (Garments)
Tami-Lynn Wilson    Crafts — Nature Craft
Nan Davis    Visual Arts — Mixed Media

Third Place  
Nan Davis    Visual Arts — Acrylic

Student Second Place  
Alysha Davis    Crafts — Fabric Craft

Awards in 2021

Sandy Cyphers, member of Wilmington Woman's Club AND District 7 President, was awarded the State District President’s Award at the GFWC-NC Convention. Congratulations Sandy!

Awards in 2019

Wilmington Woman's Club received the following Awards at the 2019 GFWC-NC Convention for our work in 2018:

Sandy Cyphers received the District Vice President Award at the GFWC-NC 2019 Convention.

2018 Top Projects

  • Education CSP: Grants and Scholarships

    From the proceeds of their annual fundraiser, The Wilmington Woman's Club provided multiple grants and scholarships to assist area non-profits in the work they do with community women and children in addition to providing scholarships to students at Cape Fear Community College and UNCW.

  • Public Issues CSP: Supporting and Honoring Veterans

    The Wilmington Woman's Club (WWC) hosted its Third Annual Tea to Honor Women Veterans, with 35 women veterans in attendance and 20 WWC members greeting them. An area high school girls' color guard presented the colors while local Girl Scouts served the refreshments. The speaker for the even was Carolyn Hughes, a West point graduate and a former intelligence officer in the U.S. Army. At the conclusion of the tea, all of the attendees voiced their appreciation for being honored for their military service. This event was also an opportunity for the girls in attendance to see women committed to having served their country.

Awards in 2018

Wilmington Woman's Club received the following Awards at the 2018 GFWC-NC Convention for our work in 2017:

  • Sally Cotton Award
  • Coastal Living Show members participation

Awards in 2017

Wilmington Woman's Club received the following Awards at the 2017 GFWC-NC Convention for our work in 2016:

  • Effective Involvement of Members—General Clubs
  • The Kitty Cope Odum Award: Runner Up
  • Boys & Girls Home: The Ann Wheeler Brown Silver Tray
  • Public Issues Projects Awards for General Clubs: The District VI Bryant Citizenship Bowl
  • Partnership Award for General Clubs for Education: The Lucille Ellington Hocutt Tray

Awards in 2016

Wilmington Woman's Club received the following Awards at the 2016 GFWC-NC Convention for our work in 2015:


  • Boys and Girls Club Award (winner)
  • Membership certificates: 10% or greater increase in membership in District 7


  • Large Club (winner)


  • Greatest Net Increase in Club Membership (Runner-up)
  • Greatest Percentage Club Membership Increase (Runner-up)

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