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OUR PHOTOS: Arts and Culture Committee


MAY 2021: Committee members designed cards to accompany each Meals on Wheels delivery.


Committee members assisted with art projects at the Brigade Boys and Girls Club.

Committee members with Robin Nelson, Director of Activities, Elderhaus


Members of the Arts and Culture Committee had an enjoyable time visiting the 38 individuals who attend the Elderhaus facility. Elderhaus is a senior-care facility which promotes an alternative to nursing-home care. It promotes safe, independent living in the community and enhances individuals' quality of life. Committee members visited every day for a week for the "Hoppin' in for Fun" events. They completed Tootsie-Roll bunnies with pink noses and yellow bowties. They also presented each individual with a small mixed box of candies (sugar-free for those who are diabetic). Along with the box of candies, the members presented a small bag of old-timey peppermint candy sticks.


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