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Community Service

Arts and Culture

Chairman: Nan Davis

Purpose: To encourage club members to further their own artistic development and to promote the arts throughout the community.

This program is responsible for the WWC arts festival held each year at the January business meeting. The members are in charge of promoting participation by club members, receiving arts and crafts, categorizing, and judging. In addition, the program is encouraged to include participation by local school-age children. After the local arts festival, the program members are responsible for getting all blue ribbon winners to the District 7 Arts Festival, held annually in February, and to the GFWC-NC Arts Festival in March. Locally, the program is encouraged to promote art projects in the community throughout the club year.

Our Club's Winners at the 2022 GFWC-NC State Arts Festival

First Place  
Sandy Cyphers    Crafts — Basic Embroidery
Sandy Cyphers    Crafts — Counted Cross Stitch
Vicki Daughtery    Crafts — Paper Craft

Second Place  
Carol Ballard    Crafts — Crochet (Garments)
Tami-Lynn Wilson    Crafts — Nature Craft
Nan Davis    Visual Arts — Mixed Media

Third Place  
Nan Davis    Visual Arts — Acrylic

Student Second Place  
Alysha Davis    Crafts — Fabric Craft

Club members participate in the GFWC-NC District 7 Arts Festival and Spring Meeting

February 19, 2022: Club members participated in the GFWC-NC District 7 Arts Festival and Spring Meeting in Southport, NC. Their participation included being workshop presenters, a scholarship judge and chair, and meeting delegates. The club won 11 first-place awards for arts entries, which will go on to the state competition. Their workshop presented the popsicle-stick art activity that the club had offered to participants at the Boys and Girls Home of NC at Lake Waccamaw this past year.

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Club members donate decorated Christmas trees

November 2021: Club members decorated small battery-lighted Christmas tree to donate to local nursing homes for patients who do not have family nearby.

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Club members enjoy luncheon at art museum

Fall 2021: Club members enjoyed a luncheon at the Cameron Art Museum.

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Club members create Independence Day display

July 2021: Committee members created a patriotic Independence Day-themed store-front display at the Independence Mall.

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Club members help Meals on Wheels

May 2021: Committee members designed cards to accompany each Meals on Wheels delivery.

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Club members help Boys and Girls Club

April 2021: Committee members assisted with art projects at the Brigade Boys and Girls Club.

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Club members visit Elderhaus

Fall 2020: Members of the Arts and Culture Committee visited with individuals at Elderhaus each day for "Hoppin' in for Fun" week to help them make crafts and provide them with candy treats.

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Our Club's Winners at the 2021 WWC Arts Festival & District 7 Arts Festivals

WWC Club Winners and Student Winners


  • Carol Ballard Pencil
  • Raylon Schakart Graphite Pencil
  • Nan Davis Pen & Ink
  • Heaven Ray Colored Pencil


  • Nan Davis
  • Alysha Davis


  • Carol Ballard Short Story
  • Alysha Davis Jewelry
  • Sandy Cyphers Poetry
  • Alysha Davis Painting
  • Alysha Davis Fabric


  • Arianna Perez Paper Craft
  • Amanda Ladd Crochet Garment
  • Amanda Ladd Open Category
  • Amanda Ladd Upcycling
  • Sandy Cyphers Beads
  • Sandy Cyphers Cross-Stitch
  • Sandy Cyphers Jewelry
  • Sandy Cyphers Glass
  • Sandy Cyphers Painting on Other Surface
  • Nan Davis Nature Craft
  • Nan Davis Fabric Craft

District 7 WWC Club Winners and Student Winners

  • 1st Place Nan Davis Shell Craft
  • 1st Place Alysha Davis Photography
  • 1st Place Nan Davis Pen & Pencil
  • 1st Place Alysha Davis Painting
  • 1st Place Carol Ballard Short Story
  • 1st Place Alysha Davis Jewelry
  • 1st Place Carol Ballard Pencil
  • 1st Place Arianna Perez Paper Craft
  • 1st Place Amanda Ladd Crochet
  • 1st Place Sandy Cyphers Jewelry
  • 1st Place Sandy Cyphers Painting on Glass
  • 2nd Place Alysha Davis Fabric
  • 1st Place Sandy Cyphers Bead Work
  • 2nd Place Heaven Ray Colored Pencil
  • 1st Place Sandy Cyphers Poetry
  • 2nd Place Raylon Schakart Graphite Pencil
  • 1st Place Sandy Cyphers Cross-Stitch
  • 2nd Place Nan Davis Fabric Craft
  • 2nd Place Nan Davis Photography
  • 2nd Place Amanda Ladd Open Category
  • 2nd Place Sandy Cyphers Glass


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